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Print&Paper Industry

Printing Industry

In the printing industry by increasing the impact of flexibility, quality and speed requirements. A wide range of print jobs from small to large require a high degree of flexibility and fast machine conversion. At the same time, the quality requirements are also increasing.

During post-press processing, the machine needs to operate accurately to minimize material waste and machine downtime:

  • Precision miniature sensors ensure smooth running of your printing process;
  • Ultrasonic sensors detect both sides and stitching regardless of material or color;
  • Jamming in automatic sorting, folding, and stapler is also eliminated: Special vision sensors reliably verify paper by image comparison or code reading.

We offer the right sensor solution for your prepress, postpress and postpress applications.

Paper industry

The application of the paper industry ranges from raw material production to finishing. Our ultrasonic and photoelectric distance sensors detect paper rolls, monitor the diameter of the web, and ensure consistent web force. A powerful encoder and positioning system accurately detects the rollers and rollers to control web tension and avoid web breakage. Ultrasonic sensors reliably detect joints, reducing material waste.

We offer a complete, personalized solution. Our experts can help you choose the right sensor technology for your specific application.

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